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Unique Slovak toy storage bags help children in Cambodia

We´ve created toybags that truly help. Not only with tidying up and storing toys. They´re also helping out children with insidious disease.
While we, adults, sometimes see an impenetrable wall between the worlds of fantasy and reality, in children´s universe usually nothing prevents these two from harmonious co-existence. We drew inspiration from this and combined practical everyday usefulness and unlimited creativity. But there´s even more to it: our desire to help improving lives of children whose everyday reality differs from carefree fantasy more than most of us can imagine. 

The unique Cambodia edition of storage bags was born of this particular ambition. We´ve created it with designer Veronika Fodorová and in cooperation with the humanitarian organization MAGNA.

It will contribute to improvement of living conditions of the Cambodian children whose lives have been affected by HIV / AIDS. Meet the Cambodia toybag in more detail.

We knew from the very beginning that we want to contribute some part of our profits to a good cause. The original concept of an edition which fulfils this purpose came into existence very spontaneously – during the conversation over coffee. Veronika focuses in her art particularly on children´s universe, creating a bridge between the worlds of minors and adults with fusions of kids´drawings and modern graphical elements. And the final design of toybags is based on the same principle. You can learn more about Veronika´s art at

When searching for a suitable organization to cooperate with, the choice was fairly simple. As we want our toybags to succeed abroad too, we´ve been looking for a Slovak organization that is also active and renown outside of the country and is therefore capable to draw attention and gain trust even in other parts of Europe. Also, we have been looking for an organization that helps children in particular.  

MAGNA  is a Slovak humanitarian organization that has proven itself by many years of hard work. Its mission is to provide medical, nutritional and social aid to children and families from areas affected by crisis all around the world. MAGNA has been operating in Cambodia since 2002, and it has been one of the first organizations in the country to provide ARV (antiretroviral) treatment to pediatric patients with HIV / AIDS.

Martin Bandžák, founder and executive director of MAGNA organization:
“We´re glad that Juicy Monsters choose to collaborate with us. In Cambodia, we are treating HIV/AIDS positive children for more than 15 years now, and we´re preventing the infection from spreading across the society. Every support is needed and we´re confident, that also this collaboration will help us achieve a society without AIDS”

Cambodian kids in MAGNA´s care are also responsible for unique motifs decorating the Cambodia edition toybags. We asked them to draw their favorite Southeast Asian animals. Some of them are truly unique :) Playful design of Cambodia toy storage bags was finalized by Veronika. She combined children drawings with traditional Cambodian ornaments and colors, and it resulted in the toybags that we are really proud of. 

The final product has an unmistakable character, a clear reference to its origins, and the potential to attract little ones and grown-ups alike. Finally, in addition to our storage bags that work great for LEGO or other toys, Cambodian design should soon decorate also the minibags -  smaller multi-functional bags for adults, which can serve, for example, as cosmetic bags.

One euro from each Cambodia edition product sold returns directly to the community where these small artists live, contributing to improvement of their daily live´s quality.

Toybags are storage bags with multi-purpose functionality. Thanks to the waterproof and durable material, they can be used in multiple ways and grow along your child. They are great for storing LEGO bricks and other building sets, as training bags, or pool bags.  They save great amount of time and energy while tidying up and organizing children´s little treasures. But they´re also great for carrying toys around, and they even work as durable play mats for home and outdoors alike. Thanks to their intuitive usage and attractive design, children are naturally drawn to active engagement in tidying up their belongings and taking over their part of responsibility. After all, responsibility also plays a significant role in the concept of our brand – we deliberately choose to prefer local production under fair conditions and from high-quality materials. Active participation in humanitarian activities is therefore a natural development of our ideology.
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