Storage for LEGO® bricks

Why is our bag the best way to store all the LEGO® bricks?  

Because those small colourful pieces stay even during intense play inside. 

Best lego storage bag

Open the bag, put bricks inside, play, close the bag, move it elsewhere, continue playing and building with friends, have a break leaving the bag open, or close it and push under your bed… 

With the toy storage bag your bricks will be always ready to build with no need to empty the contents. No more Lego mess. Dream? No. Our experience. And Juicy Monsters. 

Juicy Monsters toy storage bag is a play mat, storage solution, travel bag or rucksack – all in one product. Once open, the little builders see all the contents clearly so no more shaking out is needed. The mess during playing as known when storing the bricks in plastic boxes could be a history. 
Moreover, as opposed to basic regular toy storage bags, Juicy Monsters are made from firm and durable fabric and has higher sidewalls. Those help to secure toys inside even during more intense searching or playing. Size of the bags is specially developed for children, so they can manipulate and move it without or minimal parental help.

Great gift for all girls and boys that parents will love. Choose your favorite here. 

Toy storage solution

Further advantages of Juicy Monsters bags:

  • Thoughtful details such as an inner zip pocket for special little treasures or a space to label the bag with the child’s own name.
  • Lockers on cords to secure contents inside when closed.
  • Water repellent material (PES with PU finish) makes it easy to bring your favourite toys everywhere, even on the beach.
  • Machine-washable and quick drying material.
  • Made in 2 sizes, the smaller works great as a backpack or portable kids’ corner. 
  • Beautiful unique prints created especially for Juicy Monsters. They are made with sublime printing technique so those great colours never bleach.  

From scratch to finish made with love in Slovakia, Europe. 

Juicy Monsters lego bag
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