How is it made

1. Creation of design and first prototype

We are playing with colours and shapes, figuring out faces, horns and tails, which made our playbags unique. 

2. Testing of prototypes

Children are testing the "liking factor" and effectiveness of the toybag - if it is simple to use and open, easy to carry etc. Adults are testing parameters as water-resistancy and an influence on cleaning up habbits of their children.

3. Fabric

When the prototype is approved, we start with the fabric. It comes from a traditional manufacture in Czech republic. Printing is done via sublimation, thus it is  there to be forever. It is water-resistant, light and UV-resistant. 

4. Putting pieces together

Ears, horns and tails are glued together by hand and than cut by a laser. It melts edges in a second, so the shape is nice and precise. All parts of the toybag are then sewed by hand, piece by piece. We put on cords and locks, so the toybag holds favourites toys nicely inside. 

5. Quality test

We realy care about quality. Every single piece is controlled and tested on quality of needlework, its functionality and look. If everything is 100%, the toybag is folded, packed and ready to be send to a new home. 

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