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23 practical ways to use toybag.

Toybag, that's not just a play mat, a storage box, and a travel bag. Forget about three-in-one. It´s at least 10 in 1. Or even more. Twenty-in-one!!!
We asked our fans on social networks, both toybag owners and those yet to receive their toybag, how they use (or would use) this multifunctional product. Sincerely, we had no idea how many things can one toybag represent and hide...

Here are some practical and genuinely real tips for using the toybag directly from its fans. Let them inspire you:

  1. Training bag
  2. Secret hiding place for kids´ socks
  3. Storage for all of the balls that were scattered around the kids´ room before
  4. For daughter´s headbands, hairpins, hairbands, and various fashion accessories 
  5. For stuffed animals
  6. For dolls and their outfits
  7. I packed a set of building blocks in it under the Christmas tree. 2 in 1
  8. For kinetic sand, and we also play with playdough in it
  9. For daughter´s princess dress and son´s superhero costumes
  10. As a portable kid´s corner. I carry small toybag in my car all the time including the toys. Wherever we come, our children always entertain themselves, and we´re ”free”
  11. For collecting seashells and pebbles on the beach
  12. For the cars, which we have to carry along all the time
  13. As a baby pool. Our daughter “splashed about” in it whole summer long
  14. For all those dinosaurs and animals my son possesses
  15. As a dirty clothes bag in our daughter´s room. I am not able to teach her to bring it to the bathroom. 
  16. Since we have no shoe cabinet, I would hide all of our shoes inside
  17. As a baby changing mat
  18. We carry our pool accessories in it
  19. For all my cosmetics, which occupies space in my bathroom, and which I believe I will use one day...that didn´t happen yet. 
  20. For the ball, which I always forget to take out of the car trunk and it keeps hopping there whenever I drive. I put it in the bag and hang it over a car seat.
  21. As a shopping bag
  22. We donated a toybag full of nappies to a friend - first-time-mom
  23. It was our best beach bag during the whole vacation
And now a few creative ideas you´ve sent us. Not all of them are possible in practice (please don´t put children inside), but they´re still very funny. And we must admit that we have already tried some of them for ourselves.  For example, toybag is really great for cooling your feet underneath the table.  Toybag is truly multifunctional.
And it will be even more so, when we present you with the novelty we are preparing at the moment. Keep your eyes on us. It´s going to be toylicious.

PS. We´re looking forward to hear any of your ideas and suggestions on how to use our toybags. Share them on FB, or send them to [email protected]

Check out the Xendy toybag, which accompanies our Dorotka at the beach, or the blue Tuffi toybag  made of a collage.
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