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What are the best ways to store Lego bricks?

According to some statistics, there are about 62 to 84 LEGO bricks per person on Earth. Wow! Taking in account that at least half the people doesn’t even know any Lego exists and if we exclude new-borns and the majority of an adult population, the number of bricks per head looks impressive. If you’re a parent, you do have your own experience with them, don’t you?
Lego is a wonderful toy; durable and amusing for many years. That’s why almost nobody has just one or two sets. As the children’s obsession for Lego grows, so does the amount of bricks.  And here comes the main question – how to store Lego and Lego Duplo bricks? How to avoid stepping on those tiny little painful things? 
We decided to look closer on the most common practices of how to store and organise Lego. So here they are, along with our opinion. 

4 most popular practices of how to store Lego bricks:

          + easy method of storing Lego that even small children could understand
          + plastic boxes are very common and cheap to get
         - it is hard to see the content clearly, the particular bricks are very hard to find;
           it is more a storage solution than way of organizing bricks
         - when building, children usually shake the content out 
         - they are harder to move from place to place            + easy method of storing Lego that even small children could understand
          + thanks to its shape children see all the contents without a need to shake them out 
          + it works as a play mat and bricks are always ready to be played with
          + you can easily #bringyourtoyseverywhere so your favourite kids’ corner is always nearby

          - higher price (when buying one that is of high quality and durable) 

best lego bag toy storage solution
+ great for organising smaller stuff 
+ the organisation itself supports fine motor skills 
- bigger boxes are very hard to find
- maintenance needs patience and discipline 
+ all the Lego mess stays in one room or dedicated place 
+ it is a storage and a building place in one, usually with the possibility to display creations 

- the child always needs to play at one place 
- they limit creativity (by its shape, size, material…) 

Now. Let’s move to some methods on how to sort Lego:

  1. By colour. It really looks nice. Thanks to this, you will live in a nicely organised colourful world. It’s great  if your children like monochromatic creations, or like some colours more. Just remember there are 53 colours of Lego bricks available these days. 
  2. By shape. Small pieces here, 2x1 there, 6x2 here… the colour usually doesn’t matter; however, the best of the bests combine this method to the one above and sort by colour AND shape. 
  3. Based on sets. All pieces from one set come together with the instruction sheets to a separate plastic bag or box. From our point of view, this is the less preferable method as it limits creativity and free building. It is good for collectors more than for real builders. 
  4. No sorting. As parents of three kids we do have an experience that every effort to sort the bricks fails unless we (parents) sort them. Those little plastic pieces finish in one big stack somewhere in the middle of the living room.
And that is why we don’t sort. Our kids love raking up bricks and coming up with ideas how to use that funny toothed piece they just accidently found. To support them and they creativity, we use Juicy Monsters Lego storage bag. All the bricks are always tidy and ready to play or take to a playdate. 

lego bag lego accessories lego gift

Read more to find out why Is Juicy Monsters the best solution how to store toys.
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